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Smiling newborn photography

As a Boston newborn photographer, I see a lot of smiling babies and capturing one always makes my day!  The more I photograph little ones, the better I am at predicting when they’re about to smile.  Of course, I always see it coming when I’m changing props and I don’t have my camera in hand. lol  But I’ve been lucky enough to capture some big, gorgeous baby smiles.  Below are a handful of favorites (though I have many more images to share in another post!).  So, go on.. get your baby fix and read more about baby smiles.  I dare you not to smile back! 😀

What do baby smiles mean?

Through my various newborn photography safety-trainings, I’ve learned that newborn smiles are a reflex.  At times, there are hints when the baby is about to give me a gummy smile, for example, certain facial expressions and their falling into REM sleep.  But, for the most part, they are spontaneous and random.  According to a article (here), neonatal smiles are reflexes that are “similar to the jerky arm and leg movements your baby’s body experiences as it goes through the equipment-testing process.”  The reflex-smiles lessen as the baby develops and matures.  So, premature babies actually smile more than full-term newborns.  Pretty interesting!

Real baby smiles

I usually see “real” smiles during two and three-month baby sessions.  At this stage of development, babies start to smile as a reaction to auditory and visual stimulation.  They smile as they begin to recognize and learn mom & dad’s faces and voices.  Babies also start realizing that smiles are a way to connect with others and it’s a way to communicate happiness and excitement.

Real or not, there is no denying there is nothing sweeter than a baby’s smile.  Here are ten smiling newborn photos to brighten your day.   Comment and share your thoughts on your favorites!

Boston baby girl in purple smiling by iSweet Photography

Boston newborn girl smiling with delicate headband by iSweet Photography

Love the little baby’s smile below?  Check out his 1st birthday session for sweet happy photos!

Three month old baby boy laughing by iSweet PhotographyCambrige MA photo smiling wearing purple wrap by iSweet PhotographyBoston baby girl with big smiles by iSweet PhotographyBack Bay Boston baby smiling sweetly by iSweet PhotographySide profile of baby smiling by iSweet Photography

Recognize this little guy below?  See more images from this Dedham, MA baby photo session!

Close-up of infant boy smiling by iSweet PhotographySouth End Boston baby smiling in basket by iSweet PhotographyBoston newborn twins smiling by iSweet Photography

Want to know more about smiling babies?

This blog post was inspired by the following articles: When Do Babies Start Smiling? and Why Babies Smile

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