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Ten-month old baby photo shoot in-home: Medford Ma

A lot of parents come to me wondering if it’s too late for baby portraits once their little one is beyond their newborn stage… the answer is no, it’s never is too late!  As a Boston newborn photographer, I love capturing older babies.  A baby’s first year of life is filled with so many milestones … from smiling, sitting, crawling, & standing.   Plus, kids at this stage are full of energy and personality.  It’s just as important to capture these little fleeting moments in their lives.

Below are some of my favorites from baby Ayaana’s ten-month old gallery during her in-home baby photography session in Medford, Ma.  {{Doesn’t she have the most beautiful eyes!?!}}  Mom wanted photos of her before her front teeth grew in and she started walking.  I was able to capture her sitting up on her own & clapping,  crawling (she was sooo fast), and trying to stand on her own.  What a little ham!

My baby studio is your home

Even with older babies, I am able to provide photos that have a studio feel.  The best part is that I provide everything: the backdrops, props, even the beautiful flooring in these images!  You would never know it but these baby photos were taken in my mobile studio in the family’s kitchen!  The funniest part of this set-up was Ayaana crawling again.  It became a fun game of chasing her around and placing her in front of the camera (lol) only to have us chase her again… you can see the fun she was having by the reaction on her face. 😀

Ten-month old baby milestones

It’s amazing to watch how fast babies grow during their first year.  Each baby is different but according to’s BABY MONTH BY MONTH article lists the following develpmental milestones for 10 month old babies:

  • Sitting. Baby now can probably sit up without any support—maybe for as long as he likes.
  • Crawling. Nine months is the average age babies start to crawl, which means yours might have been doing it for as long as a month or so, or you’re still waiting for her to start. A 10-month-old not crawling is not typically a cause for concern. In fact, doctors say some perfectly healthy and well-developed babies never crawl at all—they jump straight to walking! Encourage baby to crawl by positioning her favorite toy just out of her reach—and cheer her on!
  • Standing. Baby may be able to stand upright while holding onto a piece of furniture. (And in a matter of months, she may be letting go!)
  • Hand skills. A 10-month-old baby can often pick things up using their thumb and pointer finger and have learned how to point (and anything and everything exciting) too.
  • Talking. About half of 10-month-olds say “mama” or “dada” to refer to their parents. Aw!

Ayaana’s big bright brown eyes!

Beautiful baby with big brown eyes by iSweet Photography

Little Ayaana trying to stand on her own.  She’ll being walking on her before you know it.

In home baby session in Boston with ten month old child by iSweet Photography

Love her little bottom teeth popping out.

Ten month baby girl standing by iSweet Photography

Fun time crawling around.

Medford Ma baby photo shoot with cute baby by iSweet PhotographyIn home baby pictures with smililng girl by iSweet Photography

Ha.. that little mischievous smile. 🙂

Gray and pick baby photo shoot by iSweet PhotographyBoston baby girl laughing and crawling by iSweet Photography

Sitting pretty. <3

10 month old baby girl sitting on fur by iSweet PhotographyLove what you see?

I am a baby and newborn photographer in the Boston area.  I am happy to provide boutique photography services to the South End, Back Bay, Fenway,  Brookline, Cambridge, South Boston, Belmont, Arlington, Lexington, Needham, Beacon Hill, Newton, and beyond!  All sessions take place in the comfort of your own home or favorite location.  These sessions took place in Medford, Ma a Boston suburb. Interested in a newborn baby session? Contact me now.

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