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In-home newborn photo session in Brookline MA

This Tuesday cutie feature is a throwback from 2016!  As an “official” baby photographer since 2012, I have been very fortunate to have captured families as they have evolved and grown throughout the years.  I met Little Miss Mathilda’s mom many years prior in a self-defense class (I never imagined I would become her family photographer!).  We reconnected when I photographed Mathilda’s newborn session a couple of years ago.  Fast forward to now: Mathilda is going to be a big sister soon and I couldn’t be more excited to have been chosen to photograph the newest member of the family again.  Be on the lookout.. she will be arriving soon!

Below are some favorite throw-back photos from Mathilda’s in-home baby photo shoot in Brookline MA.  I loved the pop of colors and Icelandic influences we used to honor her family roots.   I’m looking forward to creating more special images for this family, especially of Mathilda as a big sister.

Tips for moms with two babies

Many families I photograph decide to have a second child shortly after their first.  I did the same: my boys have a 16-month age difference.  Though life is easier now that they are older and more independent, I remember how challenging and exhausting it was to transition from one baby to two.  Like many things in life, I took a deep breath, tried to relax, and understood it would pass.  I also followed a lot of advice from other parents.  Below are direct tips for this transition from’s article Becoming a Two-Kid Family:

  • Take getting to know your baby one day at a time. Chances are he won’t be a clone of his older sibling, so be open-minded and realize that every child has a different temperament.
  • Babyproof your marriage. Plan a weekly date night so you and your spouse can spend time together away from the house and children. Or, stay home and stop what you’re doing as soon as the kids are asleep so you can catch up.
  • Create a routine to break up the day. If you have a morning activity one day, spend the afternoon at home or vice versa. With a set schedule, you and your kids know what to expect and have something to look forward to each day.
  • Get dressed. While it’s tempting to walk around in sweats all day, real clothes will make you feel like a real person — in control and at ease.

Below are some tips from my personal experience:

  • Get involved in different activities to keep your eldest busy.  From joining the baby musical instrument group at the local library to going to Monkey Joes, I was able to watch my toddler run around and have fun while being about to hold and tend to my newborn. Keeping the older one busy felt like a break for me.  Plus, it helped to get my toddler nice and tired for naptime.  😉
  • Find your zen.  Have little treats to look forward to throughout out the day.  Think little things that give you a big boost and will keep you going.  It can be 1o minutes of watching a favorite tv show or chatting with a friend.
  • Join other moms.  Hey, join forces!  I found it a lot easier to watch my little ones when I was alongside other moms going through a similar experience.  We even took turns looking after each other’s kids.  This meant a lot, even if that short break involved running to the grocery store to get more creamer.  Ok, there were pre-Amazon days but you get the point!

Do you have any tips for moms with a growing family?

I’d love to hear them!  Share in the comment section and I will share in a future post!


Love what you see?

I am a baby and newborn photographer in the Boston area.  I am happy to provide boutique photography services to the South End, Back Bay, Fenway,  Brookline, Cambridge, South Boston, Belmont, Arlington, Lexington, Needham, Beacon Hill, Newton, and beyond!  All sessions take place in the comfort of your own home or favorite location.  These sessions took place in Brookline, Ma a Boston suburb. Interested in a newborn baby session? Contact me now.

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In the comfort of your own homeBoston Massachusetts• Visit the Studio •
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